Crew Info

MEMORIZE YOUR RUNNER’S BIB NUMBER!!! If you want to find out info on your runner, use their number.

You may aid your runner within 100 feet of the aid station.

Caution: Because this is a loop course FS92, which is Gardner Canyon road, will be heavily traveled, not only by you but by locals and the general public. In order for us to use this course in the future, please drive responsibly. Show respect.

Melendrez Pass Aid Station  –

There will be no crew access allowed at Melendrez Pass. If a crew shows up at this Aid Station your runner will be disqualified.

Cave Creek Aid Station  –

To get to the Cave Creek Aid Station, leave Kentucky Camp and drive back to FS92 (Gardner Canyon Road) and turn right. In approximately 4.1 miles you will come to a Y, ask yourself that question and bear right. Be aware that shortly after the Y you will have to drive through Cave Creek. 95% of the time that is no problem for a regular passenger vehicle. In bad weather or times of extreme snowmelt, a high clearance vehicle is recommended. In 2014 runners, crews, and race personnel were stranded due to flash flooding of Cave Creek, some for 24 hrs. This has only happened once in the past 15 years. Continue  1.8 miles to the intersection of FS4084 and FS785. You will see the Cave Creek Aid Station on your right.  There are several places to park on your left on FS92 before the Aid Station or turn left on FS785 after the Aid Station, there are several places there. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK ANY ROADS.

 Gardner Canyon Aid Station-

Drive approximately ¼ mile on FS785 which is right across FS92 from the Cave Creek Aid Station. You will see the Aid Station on the left. Please be aware that runners will be crossing FS785 on the Arizona Trail from your right. You can park just past the Aid Station on the left.